Graphic design
Immersion into the colourful world of visual communication
For 9-14 year olds
Unlock your child's creative potential
We will teach the principles of graphic design and the practical skills and tools to create effective graphics and manage viewers' attention
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The children will learn to
Arrange and distribute elements according to principles of composition
Choose colours according to the rhythm and understand RGB, saturation, tone and colour palettes
Play with light, shadows,
space and volume
Work with meaning and messages conveyed by design to manage and direct user's attention
How lessons are conducted
Group lessons two times per week
Lesson duration: 90 minutes
Course duration is 1 academic year
Individual approach to each child

Missed lessons can be completed on the platform 24/7

No mandatory homework

Parents can monitor their child's progress
For those who want to turn imagination into digital reality
The children will master the most popular free professional graphic design software, meaning they will be able to continue designing at home.
Use professional tools
The children will immediately apply their new skills in practice by creating their own projects.
Create real products
The children do not have to have experience art school, their ideas and enthusiasm for creating will be enough.
We teach from scratch
Algorithmics is an international school of mathematics and programming for children aged 6 to 17
Modern teaching methods

Game involvement format

Personal educational IT platform

Developing 21st century-essential skills
200 000
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